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Get the Cars oil change done at Davis Auto Import Repair

Most of the mechanics suggest regular servicing of the vehicles for their smooth working. This includes regular changing of car’s engine oil and filter. This is because over time some parts of the car start to damage and can be sometimes very dangerous. Similar is in the case of oil of the engine. By the time it starts contaminated with dust and dirt and it requires to get changed. It depends on your vehicle and your work that how often you must change your cars’ oil. For instance, you must change it every 3rd month or after every 3000 miles. As a car oil change is an inexpensive and easy task hence, you must go fix it regularly to make your car run in better condition.

Whenever you will go to an auto repair store you can consult the type and weight of the oil being used in your car from the owner's manual. This is because the wrong substitute can damage your car and have many consequences for it. You can visit Davis Auto Import Repair to get it done properly. The mechanics here never suggest you with the wrong thing and always suggest with the products recommended by the company.

If you want to get the oil of your car change or any other service repair then this is the best option as all the mechanics are dedicated and skilled here. They perform their duty with full efforts and never charge any extra fees for extra work if done by them. They are expert in repairing all types of damages ranging from minor to major. The services at Davis Import Auto Repair are quite cost-effective. The technicians provide the best services in a timely manner. You even have not to worry about your vehicle as they repair it with great care and will return it to you in a good working condition.

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About Davis Import and Domestic Auto Service of Davis, CA

Established In 2005

Former Head Mechanic and owner Bob (and the shop dog Roxxi) have retired and his lead mechanic of 10 years, Rafael, is the new owner: same great service; new friendly faces!

Rafael has been repairing vehicles since 1989 in the Bay Area, Elk Grove and Davis. He has worked on imports and domestic vehicles. Former owner Bob Lavelle started the business with a mission to provide excellent customer service for residents of Davis and surrounding areas and we will continue to do so!

We are proud to be a part of such a great community and want to thank you, our loyal customers, for your continued support of our local business. From everyone here at Davis Import and Domestic Auto Service, we look forward to serving you!

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